Sweat Simplified

What Popin Does

The best health clubs are available to everyone using popin. Through an easy-to-use app, we help you discover convenient clubs where they can pay for exactly what they need. There is no commitment. Just download our mobile app, visit any of our premium clubs and pay for your fitness experience by the minute.

How Popin Works

Discover Health Clubs

Browse and search through an ever-growing list of health clubs with a variety of amenities. You’ll be able to access saunas, lap pools, basketball courts, free weights, classes, and more.

Simple Scan In

Walk into health clubs. Drop into classes. There’s no need to register or sign up before walking in. There’s no front desk hassle of filling out forms. Workout on demand.

Workout Flexibility

Whatever your workout is, go ahead and do it. Start with a treadmill warm up, drop into a kickboxing class, and finish with some weights. However you workout, popin has you covered.

Pay Only For What You Do

Fairly pay for however much time you spent at the club. If you spent 15 minutes, pay for 15 minutes. If you spent 2 hours, pay for 2 hours.