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Promote company-wide wellness with access to health
clubs and gyms where you want, as often as they want,
and pay only for what they use.

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How it Works

Work Out Anywhere, Anytime

Employees can workout at a health club or gym convenient to them either near the office, their home, or on the road.

No Commitments

Employees and Employers don't need to commit to a particular health club or gym. The entire network is accessible contract-free.

Pay per Minute

Employees and Employers pay only for the actual time spent exercising. Never pay for non-attendance again.

Team Building

Employees can compete on their own fitness goals within the company together, at their own pavce, no matter the workout.

Custom popinX Fitness Events

Our popinX team can help employers bring fitness to the workplace by creating customized classes, group fitness experiences, and health fair events.

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